Niklaus Hirt has been passionate about tech for over 35 years, starting programming at age 11. After graduating in computer science from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) he has been working in the domain of software development and software quality assurance as a team lead.

He joined IBM in 2010 in the Rational brand as a presales, specialising in software testing and over the years he has evolved to become a DevOps specialist and Cloud Architect.

Today Niklaus is mainly specialising in Multicloud Management and AIOps with a major focus on container platforms.

He has been a speaker and presenter at various internal and external events and trainings and is recognised even outside IBM for his expertise on those topics

FinOps – volle Kostenkontrolle der Cloud Investitionen und deren verursachergerechte Verrechnung
mit Dirk Schneider, Apptio

Niklaus Hirt
DevOps and Cloud Architect

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